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Israel vs Egypt, Iran, Hezbollah & Lebanon -?

January 31, 2011

This was all predicted back in 2003. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is 82 years old, so his time is coming to a close anyways…so they have to do something.


VIDEO:Behind the Bhata (& Target Killings of Karachi)

January 17, 2011

Why PPP Home Minister Zulfiqar Mirza save those element who are behind every kidnapping incident and Other illegal activities ? What there was strong relation between PPP Home Minister Zulfiqar Mirza and Rehman Dacoit ? Why the residents of Kharadar ablaze Office of Peoples Aman Committee? Why Traders of Burns Road are protesting ?? Why Police of Karachi Failed to Stop Target Killing ?? Why Timber Market Traders have to pay a lot for their security ?? Why People are not identifying Killers of Sher Shah Massacre??


VIDEO:The Dangers of Heedlessness By Hamza Yusuf

January 6, 2011

Are you a dumb beast or something greater??



VIDEO:ISPR Documentary “Glorious Resolve”

January 6, 2011

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VIDEO:Pervez Musharraf Defending DG ISI & Exposing Bugti Sons + Brainless Nawaz Sharif

December 28, 2010

VIDEO:Education and Pakistani news channels

December 26, 2010

Pakistani news channels don’t give importance news about education and students. They don’t have even a single separate link for education. Entertainment and sports are more important for them.


VIDEO:Pakistan’s Jinnah On His Nation’s First Independence Day

December 25, 2010

This is exclusive footage, rarely circulated, showing a weak Quaid-e-Azam [Great Leader] in his last days, inspecting the Guard of Honor in Karachi, Pakistan’s first capital and largest metropolis. The video includes rare glimpses of a city at night celebrating a glorious moment in a nation’s history. This is from BBC’s archives and PakNationalists are glad to share this video with all Pakistanis.

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