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Imam Al-Mahdi & the Return of the Caliphate

September 19, 2010


Pakistan Khilafat Movement -PKM

In this video lecture Sheikh Imran Hosein talks about return of Caliphate and Imam Al Mahdi. He has briefly explained how Khilafa was destroyed during first World War and when it will be restored again. Following are major points taken from this lecture which have been discussed in detail.

  • What is Khilafah?
  • What is importance of Khilafah in Islam?
  • Jewish struggle for return of Golden age
  • Zionist movement and Kimberley diamonds
  • Reasons for start of World War I
  • Destruction of Ottoman Empire during World War I
  • How Jews set the directions of World War I
  • Who financed Britain in World War I
  • How USA got involved in World War I
  • Betrayal of Abdul Aziz bin Al-Saud and Sharif Al-Hussain with Ottoman Empire
  • Role of Mustafa Kamal in destruction of Khilafah
  • Khilafah movement by Indian Muslim Scholars
  • Cairo Conference and struggle for restoration of Khilafah
  • Signs of appearance of Imam Al-Mahdi
  • When and where Imam Al-Mahdi will come?
  • Return of Son of Marry
  • When army from Khurrasan will conquer Jerusalm
  • Where is Khurrasan?
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September 17, 2010

It would surely surprise some of our readers to learn that Islam has never claimed to be a new religion. Rather it has consistently proclaimed that it is the original religion of Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, and Jesus (peace and blessings of Allah be upon them all).

A strange ‘obsession’ with Islam explains the Euro-world order’s relentless war on Islam and the ‘biting’ questions that continue to be posed concerning the continuing failure to establish constitutional democracy in the Muslim world.
We believe that an explanation of that strange ‘obsession’ is located in Islam’s view of the End of History, and, in particular, in the prophecies in both the Bible and the Qur’an concerning Gog and Magog.

We respond to the questions, however, by reminding critics that modern political democracy originated in modern secular western civilization, and required the adoption of political secularism as the basis for the establishment of polity and State.
Political secularism, however, like all other applications of secularism, denied religion any significant role in the public order. This, in turn, facilitated the decline of religion and of absolute moral values, and, around the world, has led to the emergence of ever-changing secular values and, eventually, to an essentially godless way of life.

Let us recall that when the British colonized countries such as India they found Muslims with a political culture derived basically from Islam.
British colonial rule imposed European political secularism ‘at the point of the sword’ as the alternative to Islam. Both Hindus and Muslims eventually challenged the new European religion of ‘secularism’, and sought to restore and to preserve their own indigenous political culture.
This led eventually, and alarmingly so for the British, to an ominous political alliance of Muslims and Hindus in what was called the Khilafat Movement – a struggle to preserve the institution of the Islamic Caliphate located at the very heart of Muslim political culture. Gandhi himself forged the alliance with the Muslim Khilafat Movement since he, also, wanted to restore (for Hindus) indigenous Hindu political culture and a Hindu model of a State.
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