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Iran calls India a Zionist regime : Ali Khamenei

November 20, 2010

NEW DELHI: Iran is a close friend of India, but that has not prevented its supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, from asking the world’s Muslims to support the “struggle” in Kashmir against “Zionist regimes”.
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Intel officers went too far in Pakistan, Afghanistan: Pentagon

October 29, 2010

WASHINGTON — A senior Pentagon official broke Defense Department rules and “deliberately misled” senior generals when he set up a network of private contractors to spy in Afghanistan and Pakistan beginning last year, according to the results of an internal government investigation.

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Blackwater’ gets new US contract

October 2, 2010
Private security firm now known as Xe has a slice of a new $10bn state department contract despite repeated violations.

Despite US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s campaign promise to no longer award military contracts to Blackwater – the now renamed notorious security contractor – the US state department has recently awarded the company another lucrative contract.
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September 29, 2010

By Gordon Duff


Over 40 years ago, I was in Vietnam, part of an American military effort draped with shame and failure.  My Lai was the crowning achievement of the war, nearly 600 women and children mowed down by automatic weapons fire.  The man we know as General Colin Powell helped shove it under a rug.  Lt. Calley,  worse than many of Himmler’s SS executed for war crimes during World War II, became a hero to many Americans.  Killing civilians was “policy” in Vietnam.  You could murder anyone you wanted as long as they could be made to look like enemy combatants.  If you killed them with a knife, even if others held them to the ground, you were awarded a Silver Star.  This isn’t conjecture, I know this to be a fact.

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Fort Hood soldier suicides at record level

September 22, 2010

HEWITT — The end of Spc. Armando G. Aguilar’s life was ironic, and tragic, after a year of searching for hidden bombs in Iraq with Fort Hood’s 87th Sapper Company.

A man often on the highway at home and in Iraq, he had driven the last 10 miles or so of his life last month when he again confronted a perceived enemy: a police officer who had been chasing him.

They faced each other at a service station just off Interstate 35 in Hewitt, the cop armed with a .45-caliber handgun, a video camera running in the patrol car.

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Iraq combat over but U.S. troops still in danger

September 14, 2010


U.S. Staff Sergeant Kendrick Manuel swung his rifle over his shoulder and grumbled about being viewed as a “non-combat” soldier in Iraq.

“When NBC talked about the last combat troops are gone, they made it sound like everything is basically over,” he said, after escorting a 19-truck convoy through a part of northern Iraq where roadside bombs and mortar attacks are still a danger.

“To us it was like a slap in the face, because we are still here … we are still going in harm’s way every time we leave out of the gate,” Manuel said at a U.S. military base, Camp Speicher, near Saddam Hussein’s home town of Tikrit.

On August 31, the U.S. military formally declared an end to its combat mission in Iraq, 7-1/2 years after the invasion that removed Saddam and led to sectarian warfare and a fierce insurgency in which tens of thousands of Iraqis were killed. More than 4,400 U.S. soldiers have been killed since 2003.

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Lies and the war that has not ended

September 9, 2010

James Zogby

During the past week, as President Barack Obama announced the withdrawal of U.S. combat forces from Iraq, there was considerable media commentary focusing on the lies that had been utilized to build public support for the war.

The two that received almost exclusive attention were the argument that Saddam had an active WMD program and the assertion, made most vigorously by Vice President Richard Cheney, that there were “proven links” connecting the Iraqi leadership to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

Both were, of course, deliberate fabrications but both did play important roles in shaping public opinion and justifying the invasion of Iraq. But the propaganda effort to win support for the war involved much more.

As I note in my forthcoming book Arab Voices, proponents for the war, preying on the public’s lack of basic information about Iraq and its people, made exaggerated claims expressing confidence that the effort would be relatively painless. A former Pentagon official termed it a “cakewalk”. Cheney said “it’ll go… quickly. Weeks rather than months”. Paul Wolfowitz estimated the cost of the entire enterprise not to exceed one or two billion dollars, with Iraq’s oil revenues quickly kicking in to “finance its own reconstruction”. President Bush and others added that “we would be greeted as liberators” ushering in a new democracy that would be “a beacon for a new Middle East“.

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