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India’s neo-imperialism in Africa

September 10, 2010


Nelson Mandela has endeavoured to make the country’s minority communities feel more secure. Despite government assurances, the Indian community pretended that they were being marginalised. Mandela was surprised at the level of insecurity, expressed by the Indian youth. As a matter of fact, India wanted to increase its hold on South Africa overtly or covertly.

NEO-imperialism is the most dangerous form of imperialism, which is prevalent in the present world. In the past, the most developed countries had direct control on the less developed countries, but most of the colonies got independence after the World War 11. As regards neo-imperialism, in theory a less developed or developing country is free, but in practice, its government and economy are controlled by a developed country indirectly.

In these terms, by imitating the other western powers, India has been practising neo-imperialism in Africa.

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