IT IS BETTER TO DIE FOR SOMETHING, THAN TO LIVE FOR NOTHING….AT ALL ! The year was 1947, the eve of 14th August. With a strong and motivating ideology, and under the shadow of hundreds of thousand of martyrs, there appeared a country on the world map, ‘PAKISTAN’. Land of the pure, as it litteraly means, a gift of Almighty Allah to the muslims of the sub-continent. A nation which was supposed to last only for few months, against all odds, fought its way through the toughest of times and kept on survivng and ultimately became the first and uptill now the only muslim nuclear power in the world. A country which has so much to offer, only if we are there to grab it. A country which is destined to be a super power, only if we are willing to play our part. A country which is the Fort of Islam, not only defending the ideological boundaries but also guarding the interests of brother Islamic countries. The need of the time is to revive the spirit and ideology on the basis of which we fought for PAKISTAN. We got PAKISTAN, but to take it to the heights which is its destiny, there’s a lot that still needs to be done. Play your part and join THINK TANK PAKISTAN in an effort to: Revive the ideology of PAKISTAN (The very spirit of Allama Iqbal’s vision). Expose the corrupt elements, that are trying to destabilize us, in whatever field they are. Counter the propaganda of enemies of Islam and PAKISTAN. Come and join us, because it’s now or never. Be a part of transforming PAKISTAN into what it is meant to be. Join hands, as together we can do it, and together we will do it INSHA ALLAH. “We were once divided. Now we stand united. We stand as one….Undivided.”




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  1. Salaam PTT Team,

    We are bringing together a team of bloggers who wish to contribute to yellO, a monthly magazine and website. The idea behind yellO is that it is a community magazine about Karachi (and later also for Lahore and Islamabad) in which the content is largely written by the people from the city via http://www.yello.pk and gets published in the magazine.

    The content mainly consists of blogs, events, classified ads and reviews of local businesses. The blogs section of the magazine will be used among other things for socially responsible articles which promote positive social activism. Even though the content will be taken from what is posted by people on the website, there will be a core team which will edit, promote articles and write original articles to get the publication ready in time. There is opportunity to promote your own blog as well. However, we need all content to be published in the blog section of http://www.yello.pk before it is published in the magazine. The credits in the magazine can contain the link to your own blog apart from the one you maintain on yellO.pk.

    We hope you are excited by the opportunity to get involved with this blogging platform for Pakistan and hope you join us by contributing original content for the magazine.

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