Colors of Unity…

January 31, 2011

Unity is strength.  When the sand grains unite they become a vast desert.  When the sea drops unite they become a boundless ocean.  The conglomerations of stars in the sky make a soothing glory.  The seven colors emerge in the shape of a beautiful rainbow.  The unity of people makes an invincible strong nation.

It was just like a flower garden where different flowers of different origins & in different colors just blooming together and adding to the beauty of garden. Yes, it was a National Unity Conference, hosted & organized by MQM.

Scores of people gathered for Qaumi (national) Unity — as its name suggests — from different parts of the metropolis in the form of rallies, processions and reception camps that have been set up across Karachi. MQM chief Altaf Hussain addressed the assembly by telephone. He expressed his views on the national issues that have gripped the country. Issues of creation of new provinces, condemned racial discrimination, promoted peace, love and harmony, enhanced anti-feudal approach of living, & encouraged the youth to come up & bring revolution for the prosperity of Nation.

“Jalsa Qaumi Yakjehtee” being held today proved as a nail in the coffin of those hatching conspiracy against the Muttahida. It has proved that MQM is an important political party of the country and a national-level party. The unity that was shown by different cultures and nationalities today resembles the August 14-like unity of people when Pakistan came into existence. This public meeting has proved that the MQM is a national party and its message is love and peace. This historic event brought all nationalities together, thus proving that MQM belongs to the middle class of all nationalities living in the country.

National unity can be integrated through the practice of equal rights. When this act is carried out, the majority and minority races will receive equal treatment in any form of help that is being given out. Supposedly that this practice fails to be carried out, unsatisfaction, anger and hurt that is felt by the marginalized groups or races will cause racial issues to surface and disrupt the country’s development.

It is not a doubt that national unity is very important in our country. It is the one and only thing that keeps all of us bound together, allowing us to live with one another in peace and harmony. National unity is, of course, possible and achievable. Therefore, we should all work together as one to continue this effort to bring revolution & we should have hopes that under the flag of MQM, this Nation will surely find a way in which the middle class & oppressed community will get benefits. No doubt MQM a common man representation!!




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