God Father of the Taliban Killed in Pakistan

January 23, 2011

Former top ISI official, Colonel Imam, known as the ‘god father of the Taliban’ was killed after his family failed to pay the demanded ransom, reports say.

Colonel Imam was abducted along with a British journalist and Khalid Khwaja on the way to North Waziristan capital of Miranshah.

Usman Punjabi was believed to be masterminding the abduction.

The kidnapping group had demanded around Rs 5 million in ransom.

Security Officials have confirmed the death.

The dead body of colonel Imam is said to be with kidnappers who have demanded money for returning the body.

Colonel Imam has left four offspring behind, including two sons and two daughters.

Colonel Imam, speaking in Urdu in a video footage had warned that he would unveil intelligence secrets about Afghanistan, India, the United States, Russia and other countries, if Pakistan’s government did not accelerate its attempts for his release.

“I urge the President, the Prime Minister and Chief of the Army to accept the demands of the Lashkar-e- Jagnoi as soon as possible,” Imam had said in a video.

Colonel Imam was one of the key figures in Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and had masterminded the formation of Taliban in Pakistan.



  1. This is how GOD’s (Allah’s) justice works …. !!
    The Pakistanis need to realize that GOD (Allah) does not have any special preference for the Muslim sinners ….. !

    Pakistan is also going Col Imam’s way ….. !

  2. And pakistan has 160 million people, majority of whom did not know anything about these things…
    everything is done by dictators and the government officials who has double nationalities.
    neel123 says that these 160 million people are also going to be killed….
    Its very sad, that activities of minorities have to make the majority suffer…
    It is just like that, to kill all Americans for one million deaths of Iraqis, and neel123 will 100% agree with this.
    Its very sad.

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