Army Operation In Punjab ?

January 21, 2011

Observe Pakistan

Nawaz Sharif and his party PML (N) have been pushing the government of PPP to take an army action in Karachi against the target killings. The term “target killing” is not in the dictionary, in fact it an invention of Pakistani political situation around the country.
The term means you target your enemy and hit the bull’s eye. The target killing would be politically motivated if it is happening among two or more political parties and sometimes the motivation can be religious or sectarian. There is another motivation in Pakistan which is called “talibanization” motivated killing.

Sind especially Karachi is suffering from target killings but Punjab is ahead of Sind in target killings and I will proof that with the past incidents happened under the rule of PML (N) ‘s  current government.
On March 11th 2008 Federal Investigation Agency’s regional Headquarter in Lahore was attacked by 2 car suicide bombers and 5 people were killed by those assailants.
On March 3rd 2009 The Cricket team of Sri Lanka was attacked by Lashkar e Jhangvi on their way to Qaddafi Stadium. The officials said that 12 gunmen were involved and rocket launchers and grenades were recovered from them. One passer-by and 6policemen escorting the team were killed. Luckily the guest team was saved because of the on duty officers.
In March 30th 2009 Manawan Police School which is a training school for Punjab police near Wahgah border was attacked by 12 gunmen who took over the building during the morning parade of 750 students. The standoff was lasted for more than 9 hours and at least 8 people were killed in that operation.
October 15th 2009 was a shameful day for the government of Punjab when three important and sensitive buildings in Lahore were attacked simultaneously.  One group of militants attacked the Regional Headquarters of the Federal Investigation Agency, while a second group raided the Manawan Police School and the third team of militants attacked the Elite Police Academy. The attacked altogether killed 38 people and wounded 20.
On May 28th 2010 two Ahmadi mosques were attacked by terrorists in two different areas of Lahore at the same time. Altogether 8 assailants were involved and 94 people were killed and more than 100 wounded.
July 1st 2010 was another deadly day for the worshippers at the shrine of Hazrat Ali Hijveri known as data Darbar. In the attack 37 people were dead and more than 150 wounded by two suicide bombers.
On August 15th 2010 the history of Pakistan’s most shameful crime took place on the street of Sialkot. The two brothers Muneeb Butt and Moeez Butt were killed by many people in front of Punjab police and the reason was a cricket game dispute.
In the month of Holy Ramadan in September 2010 Karbala Gamay Shah was resonant by a bomb blast in which 46 people were dead and more than 200 were wounded.
The above incidents had been owned by the Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan on record or the smaller wings of the group like Lashkar e Jhangvi.  The targeted people in the above crimes were belonged to different law enforcement agencies. Some of the targeted people were belonged to different sects or religion. Only the Butt brothers’ incident was a local crime but an organized by the help of local Police. I must say it was also a target killing of those two innocent brothers.
These series of attacks showed that how Tehreek e Taliban is being active in Punjab and how the law enforcement agencies in Punjab have failed in providing the safety and security for the people.  This also shows that how much weapons are being smuggled or stored in Punjab by these terrorists organization.
Does that justify an ARMY OPERATION against terrorists in Punjab and a complete evidence for an “OPERATION DEWEAPONIZATION” in Punjab before Sind?
In the end not to forget that crime rate in Punjab has been increased by 109 percent. Another proof of failure of the government and a justification for an ARMY OPERATION?



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