China refuses to accept S.Tibet, Kashmir as part of India

January 15, 2011

Source: AzadKashmirTimes

China issues stapled visas to residents of Kashmir and South Tibet (Arunachal Pradesh), which it considers as disputed, extending its principled ‘paper visa’ regime from Jammu & Kashmir to Bharat’s remote north-eastern state.


  • China began issuing stapled visas to people from Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir two years ago. Bharat sees this as questioning the state’s integration with rest of the country.
  • In 2007, China had denied a visa to a senior IAS officer Ganesh Koyu who hailed from South tibet and was a member of 107 strong IAS officers‘ team headed for a management program to China.
  • The study trip to Beijing and Shanghai was canceledbecause of Beijing’s refusal to grant visa to Koyu.

I has been revealed that two sportsmen from South Tibet were prevented by Bharati immigration officials from boarding a flight today from Delhi to Beijing because they had stapled visas issued by the Chinese Embassy on their passports. Bharati Weightlifting Federation’s Joint Secretary Abraham K Techi along with a weightlifter of the state were taken aback when immigration officials at Delhi’s IGI Airport stopped them and turned the two men away because of the stapled visas issued by the Chinese Embassy.

While Bharat considers the stand-alone Chinese ‘paper’ visas as ‘invalid’ China continues to do so at will. Bharat tried to bring this up with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao‘s visit to New Delhi but made no headway.

Wen sidelined by issue by placing it in committee for “in-depth” discussions.

The Chinese officials at the Embassy confirmed that the ‘right’ visas have been issued to us, Techi said.



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