Karzai’s ‘No’ to Delhi

January 13, 2011

President Hamid Karzai has clearly rebuffed India and will be talking to the Taliban and including them in the new government. Bharat has repeatedly stated that it does not differentiate between the “Good Taliban” and the “Bad Taliban”. Bharat is also concerned about Pakistan’s role in the peace process in Kabul. Mr. Hamid Karzai has informed the Bharatis that Pakistan has a seminal role in talks with the Talibs and the peace talks under “the doctrine of necessity”.

Bitten by the sharp remarks of Mr. Hamid Karzai, the Bharati delegation was left licking its wounds and trying to threaten and cajole Mr. Karzai at the same time. Delhi has resigned itself to an ancillary role in Afghanistan. At Pakistan’s insistence, Bharat has not been party to many of the regional dialogues.

Neither the Americans nor the neighbors of Afghanistan are in any mood to listen to the Rejectionist front in Delhi. Mr. Obama is sending the Anit-Surge Mr. Biden to Pakistan with bribes to soften the Pakistanis, after the devastation caused to US-Pakistan relations by the Obama visit, the Wikileaks, Clintons’s snafus and Munter’s musings.

As expected Mr. Biden will offer the Pakistani army more goodies and will offer more economic aid.

The Bharatis seem to have missed the bus. The Pro-Active Regional groupings comprising of Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and Afghanistan has a solid plan to bring peace to the Hindu Kush and get rid of the foreigners. Delhi has no role in the regional groupings.

Clearly referring to the days when Bharat was shunted out of Kabul in the Post-Najibullah era, the Bharati Foreign Minister S.M. Krishna said that threats to Indians working in Afghanistan were “real”. Those real threats cannot be eliminated either by Mr. Karzai or America.

The panic in Delhi about the Pakistani led peace process can be gaged by the level of rhetoric in Kabul. Mr. Krishna blustered that “Any external interference in the reintegration process would be detrimental to its success and for the future of democratic, stable, pluralistic and prosperous Afghanistan.”

Mr. Krishan chose to make the statement when he clearly understands that Mr. Karzai, Mr. Haqqani, Mr. Rabbani, and the Talibs are working with the Pakistanis in brining peace to Afghanistan. All mjor capitals are on board with this and Turkey, Iran, and Afghanistan are fully supportive of the initiative. The Bharati rhetoric just doesn’t make any sense at all. The statement is funny–but no laughing matter in Delhi. The panicked politicians in Delhi don’t know how to handle the emerging End Game in Kabul. Their TTP gambit has failed, and their terror tactics on civilians in Pakistan have hardened Islamabad’s position on Afghanistan.

As July approaches, the American interest in the Hindu Kush will begin waning, and Delhi’s anxiety will exponentially increase.
While Mr. Krishna was spewing hot air in Kabul, Mr. Karzai was busy building bridges of peace with the good Talibs (the ones that Delhi thinks don’t exist).

A high-level Afghan delegation with the full encouragement and blessings from Mr. Karzai, led by ex-Afghan premier Burhanuddin Rabbani, visited Pakistan this week. This had already been approved by the Afghan high committee for peace.

Mr. Karzai informed the bewildered Mr. Krishna about holding a joint peace jirga between representatives of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Mr. Krishan was also informed about the Talibs opening an office in Turkey with the full blessings of Mr. Karzai. Delhi was also informed that it the office in Turkey was Mr. Karzai’s idea approved by all the regional players. The liaison office was designed to facilitate negotiations with the Afghan National Resistence. Mr. Krishana‘s concers were not put to rest when informed that Mr. Rabbani has also held talks with Pakistan army chief General Ashfaq Kayani–while President Zardari was in Washington.



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