Current Democratic System In Pakistan -Feudo-Democracy !

January 9, 2011

Observe Pakistan

Democracy can be defined by saying that it is a form of governing power derived from people. The two main essential characteristics of democracy are equality and freedom. All people should be treated equally regardless of their wealth and backgrounds. I say freedom play a very important role in making of a democratic society; freedom of speech, freedom of press, and freedom of political expressions can lead to a perfect democratic system. This freedom formula plays a very important role in free and fair elections.
Most of the countries impose the system which suits their people; and there are three kinds of democracies: consensus democracy, direct democracy, and representative democracy. United States relies on representatvie democratic system in wich each state has two senators to represent and House of representatives and the system goes to the grass root through local, mayor, council and county systems.

Basic ideology of the democracy is the “majority rules” but if there is no balance between the majority or minority which is  “opposition”  of the government than it becomes the “Tyranny of the Majority”.
In my views Pakistan is running under a different system,  fourth kind of democracy which is called “Feudo-Democracy”. This term is a combination of feudal and democracy.
Since 1970s the big political parties are playing a “marry goes round  a chair” game in the parliament on the name of democracy. The 2% of elite class who makes their rules on the name of consititution for their own interests and impose those rules by the name of laws on the 98% of the people of Pakistan who are living on poverty line or below the line. They stronge oppse the legislationss and bills like agriculture tax and land reform bills and right now trying to impose RGST on the people who are already supressing under inflation and terrorism.
Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto launched the biggest democratic party under a famous slogan of “Roti, kapra, aur Makaan” for poor but the party’s command and control was kept in his own hands with the followers like Makhdoom Amin Faheem, Jataois , Bhuttos and Talpurs. According to the will of Benazir Bhutto the party leadership was transffered to her foreign raised , barely urdu speaking son Bilawal Zardari instead of senior leaders which was a very undemocratic system within a party. Other parties like Muslim league of  Sharif Brothers and Chaudry Brothers are also highlighted with the same issues of transfeing the command and control to the leaders’ sons Hamza Shahbaz and Monis Ellahi respectively.
The elections in Kashmore are an open example of feudo-democratic elections under a supressed media and supressed political expression where fake wrestling has been fighting for many years among Domkis and Bajaraanis.
The system in Pakistan through these feudal lords parlimantarians has become a worse form of bounded labors in which they are operating private jails in their rural areas, the schools have turned into their Jirga places or barns for their animals, and women are getting killed by these lords and their followers on the name of custom killings called “karo kaari”.
Pakistani parliament is decorated with the  faces of women like Firdous aashiq Aiwan, Asma Arbab Alamgir, Tehmina Durrani Kher, and Tehmina Doltana but we have never seen a bill submittied on the human rights violation agaisnt women in rural areas. Most of these ladies are daughters and wives to the fudal leaders and speak for the flourishing of their feudal system. Many of them are rivals in politics but related to each other through inter marriages and businesses. This means they are running the both sides of the coin.
I will close my words by appealing to the free judiciary “only if they are free” to held a free and fair elections in Pakistan , so the nation can vote freely and live freely and prosper under a constituion which is purely made for the 98% of the people of Pakistan.

Farheen Zehra Rizvi


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