Pakistan Has More Nukes, Fissionable Material and Missiles than India

January 8, 2011

Pakistan tested Nuclear bombs in response to the Clinton inspired explosions conducted by Delhi.  Pakistan has embarked on a program of minimum deterrence. This involves thwarting the Bharati Cold Start Strategy in its tracks, and keeping the Bharati forces at bay. The deterrence has worked not once, but on three occasions, in 1998, 2002 and in 2008. Bharati forces arrayed on the Pakistani border could not cross the border and had to withdraw in ignominy with their tails between their legs. These three retreats are not part of the Bharati narrative and most Bharatis have selective amnesia about them.


Reuters quoting an August 2010 report “The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists” describes the fact that Pakistan has more Nuclear Bombs and missiles than India.  Most analysts believe that Pakistan has more than 300 Nuclear bombs.

The National Intelligence Estimate for Afghanistan and Pakistan in December 2008 said ”Pakistan was producing nuclear weapons at a faster rate than any other country in the world.”

The Reuters story states that “The Indians who conducted a nuclear test as early as 1974, thus,may be behind not just the Chinese, but also Pakistan in terms of the number of warheads, fissile material and delivery systems.”

Pakistan’s Nuclear Program is growing exponentially because of the numerical superiority of Bharati forces, the USpacts with  Delhi and other such factors. Pakistan has circumvented the Bharati dreams of superiority by mining its own indigenous Uranium, signing Civilian Nuclear deals with China and developing the most potent missile systems on the planet. All these factor provide it with deterrence that is unbeatable.

Reuters also reports that “The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists in a report in August 2010 estimated that India had assembled 60 to 80 warheads and produced enough fissile material for 60-105 nuclear warheads. Pakistan is estimated to have assembled 70–90 warheads and produced missile material for as many as 90 warheads.China’s arsenal was estimated at 240 nuclear warheads.”

Reuters reports that “India and Pakistan exchanged a list of each other’s nuclear installations on Saturday like they have done at the start of each year under a 1988 pact in which the two sides agreed not to attack these facilities. That is the main confidence building measure in the area of nuclear security between the two countries, even though their nuclear weapons programmes have expanded significantly since then. Indeed for some years now there is a growing body of international opinion that holds that Pakistan has stepped up production of fissile material, and may just possibly hold more nuclear weapons than its much larger rival, India.”



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