Obliterating Junduallah

January 7, 2011

According to the Iranians the US has been aiding and abetting Anti-Iranian terrorists for the past several decades. Pakistan has tried its best to apprehend and deport the Jundullah terrorists. Three Rigi brothers who spearheaded the terror organization were captured and sent packing back to Tehran. One of them was caught right after meeting the Indian Ambassador in Kabul.

The recent Junduallah attacks in the Iranian port city of Chabahar created an issue between Tehran and Islamabad which was quickly resolved by the arrest of the third Rigi brother.

In 2001 and before that Iran had supported the Northern Alliance and worked with Bharat against the Pakistani interests. The burgeoning Bharati relationship with Isreal and Delhi’s backstabbing of Iran at the IAEA has dampened Indo-Iranian relations. Perhaps Iran has learned a lesson. Infighitng among neighbors gives Western powers an excuse to intervene.

The Iranian government and its people extended support to Pakistan during the floods.  Iran has supported the Kashmir struggle at least on three occasions, and has bracketed the situation in the occupied state with Gaza and Afghanistan.

It is a good thing that the Zardari government has been working closely with Tehran and Ankara to build a consensus on Afghanistan among the neighbors. There should be a Zero-Tolerance policy against Junduallah, and those involved in acts on Iran should be hounded and sent away.



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