Politics of the Elite

December 30, 2010




No one but Pakistan Peoples Party is to be blamed for their self-created political crises with intent or extreme ignorance in continuation of holding power. This government has the best of everything. All the political parties are playing the motherly role in providing the nourishment and space principally agreeing on progress and moving forward for the sake of allowing democracy to evolve in Pakistan, so it could be preserved. The military is friendly and is not at all interested in interference, even when it had the opportunities provided in a decorated plate. The opposition is friendlier than any in comparison to this world and the Judiciary is also lenient. What else can one ask for?


We saw some extra ordinary achievements by the government in their three years as their very serious political reconciliation policy continued with a few hiccups here and there. NFC award, Gilgit Baltistan legislative assembly, NWFP to Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa, SWAT operation, IDP, restoration of judiciary (regardless of the true reasons in Wikileaks) the 18th amendment now 19th in the making, BISP, Baluchistan Package, Federal. wage increase were the top achievements of PPP led coalition and we can confidently say the government-led-opposition from 2008 to 2010 which helped take this government forward.


Unfortunately the achievements were over shadowed by fake degrees, sugar crises, NRO, drone attacks, inflation, price hikes, electricity shortage, industries heading for a collapse, bankruptcy of state enterprises, promises with IMF, handling of flood devastation, lowest ever tax collection, RGST (VAT) and declaring corruption as their ‘right’ (Jatoi) leaving no public department unadulterated, sadly including the Ministry of Religious Affairs.


If the above was not enough, regular bickering and ignorance towards coalition partners increased, promises delayed implementation, or attempts to alter coalition principles by imposing its own will, while keeping the atmosphere friendly. These smart-alec-moves led to developing of grievances off and on and now It appears the central command of Pakistan Peoples Party is where the problem lies. Discipline is what they lack, and this is what the party is suffering as a result right now.

Prime Minister of Pakistan took a daring or a foolish step when he ordered removal of a coalition partner’s JUI-F Minister who had exposed the Government’s Minister for the Hajj scam worth Rs. 300 million in a single go. JUI-F did not appreciate this move as they were not even given the option to discuss the move intended by the PM. Maulana they did not think twice before taking an aggressive leap by resigning from the Government in protest, and deciding to sit on the opposition benches. Now Maulana Fazlur-Rehman’s only condition which if fulfilled will allow him to join back the government is to replace the Prime Minister with some who is in line with the President’s policy of reconciliation. This will be a hard nut to crack for the ruling party, if it really wants to move on with the same coalition partners it has come along this far? Alternatively, It may also be possible that because of recent call for Martial Law like steps to curb mis-governance, implementation of Land reforms, or the constant looming threat of a french-like-revolution and especially the 3rd rejection of the RGST bill which is as good as a no confidence vote, the PPP is making way for a new coalition partner, perhaps?


Zulfiqar Mirza’s dangerous provocation in Karachi and Nawaz Sharif’s all open rhetoric against MQM is maybe where the future of Pakistani politics lies. A possible coalition government of Pakistan Peoples Party and Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz in order to further the ‘sacred mission’ of democracy which, for both parties of the elite have in common and is working out to be the best revenge for the time they were away from governance. Nawaz sharif had written to President Zardari, and he replied back to all the concern where there may be a promise by Nawaz Sharif to be the life-line, if the Government is to do away with a few existing partner who are not going to support the RGST bill. For PMLN if the Government is destabilised in the center, their provincial hold will also get disturbed, therefore their best bet is to keep this Government on its feet and moving. This is also apparent from the pain Nawaz Sharif has expressed in Muzzafarabad as moral upport to PPP after the Bhit Shah convention by MQM, which was a quickly arranged reply for Zulfiqar Mirza’s and the party when he attempted to create rift between the ethnic Sindhi’s and the Mohajirs which he terms as ‘Urdu Speakers’ during his last speech.


MQM has shows political maturity, by not leaving the government all in one go. They would rather allow the Government to think twice before taking and steps and revert back to the PPP of 2008 on which this coalition was made.


In order for this Government to continue with the existing setup PPP would need to replace the PM to win back JUI-F. MQM would demand from the Government the revival of the Local Bodies Ordinance 2001 with last agreed amendments, to hold LB elections, incorporate suggestions by MQM for revenue collection (i/o RGST), reduce non-development expenditure, maybe implement Land reforms bill in letter and spirit and last but not least, control corruption by shuffling the complete cabinet with honest individuals who are accountable and let NAB do its job independently.


But, is PPP willing to correct itself or will the elite be back together again?



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