When Pakistani trains will run to Beijing and Moscow

December 21, 2010

The Pakistan Railway is breaking the shackles of colonialism and moving into the 21st century. The new railway (no thanks to the incompetent Railway Minister) will literally transform the economy of Pakistan.

Geography has been kind to the Indus people. The people of the Indus have been been dealing with the people of the Yangtze and the Yellow river for centuries.

During ‘Harsh Vardhan reign six Pakistani kingdoms traded with the Chinese. Sindh was ruled by Rai Dynasty, Punjab was ruled by the King  of Taank and and king of Kaikanan, Pakhtunkhwa was ruled by Kingdom of Kapisa and Kingdom of Jaguda, and Balochistan was ruled by Sassanid dynasty.  Goods moved by caravan and moved down via river. Today the Indus is not navigable, but it used to be.

PakistanChina are now laying railway a rail track through Khunjarab Pass. The long cherished dream of hooking up Pakistan Railways to the Trans Asian Railway is now coming true. The worked has moved beyond the feasibility stage. The route has been charted, and this rail line will hook to the China, the Central Asian states and Russia. In affect Pakistan goods can then travel via rail all the way to the Pacific and the Atlantic, and Central Asian goods can travel to the Arabian Sea and to the Middle East.

  • Pakistan Railways will be hooked up to the Trans-Asian Railway Network.
  • Chinese government which will link the friendly countries through rail networks
  • Beijing will also ensure that the Pakistani gauge standardized to international standards.

Pakistan is also working with Turkey and Iran to hook up Islamabad to Istanbul via Tehran. Thus the Midnight Express can run all the way to Karachi.

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan and China have agreed in principle to constitute a consortium for seeking a soft-term loan from some international company for laying a railway track between the two countries, an official said.

He said a six-member committee comprising equal number of experts from both China and Pakistan has already been constituted to move forward in this regard.

He said China has already prepared a feasibility report of laying a railway track in the difficult terrain of Karakoram linking both the states through Khunjarab Pass.

He said the Chinese feasibility report covered the railway track up to Havelian, a town near Islamabad.

He said both the sides were agreed to form a consortium and seek support of some international institution for funding the multi-billion dollars project.

A process to hook up the Pakistan Railways with the Trans-Asian Railway Network is initiated with active support of Chinese government which will besides, linking the time tested friendly countries through rail networks, also ensure standardizing the Pakistani gauge to international standards.

This will facilitate trade to the Central Asian Republics, Russia and China and beyond. The plan is to hook up the two countries with road, rail, fibre optic links. app

We have written several articles about this fabulous project. This project will fundamentally transform the entire region. If containerized cargo emanating from far away lands can sail on ships, ride and train and then get hitched to a truck, the price of transportation will go down dramatically. Pakistani goods will thus reach Dushanbe, Fergana, Urumqi, Kashgar, and even Moscow and London via train.



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