China rebuilding roads, ravaged by US, abused by NATO, damaged by floods

December 12, 2010

China is rebuilding Pakistani roads, damaged by floods, ravaged by the US, abused by NATO, and destroyed by ISAF.

The Pakistani road infrastructure is the supply chain network for the US Army–however it does nothing to maintain the matrix.

The Indus Valley Civilization Pakistanis were building roads and cities when Europe was in the ice age and most of Bharat was still jungle–Agni, and Mithra (Slash and Burn) had not arrived in the forests of the Ganges, and Arjun with his horse had not flown to the scene. The Indus Pakistanis, 5000 years ago used to navigate the Indus for trade and travel. They were excellent sailors, and Sumerians of Urr used to call them Melhallans (from Mallah). Current day Pakistanis linked all the major cities with motorways which are world class and better than most countries of the world. Pakistan also built the Indus Highway which is the only road west of the Indus. The roads were built by Pakistanis for Pakistanis. All this has cost billions of Dollars.

Pakistan has the best road infrastructure in South Asia. The cities are linked by motorways which were built with the blood and tears of Pakistan for Pakistanis. The bricks, grommet, concrete and cement is mingled in with the sweat of the Pakistani workers. It has taken half a century to upgrade the Shahrah e Sher Shah Suri (misnamed by the British as the Grand Trunk Road) which used to be lifeline from Karachi to Kashmir.

When the war started in Afghanistan in 2001, the US, ISAF, and NATO began using the Pakistani road system–abused, it and misused it. Colossal sixteen wheelers rumbled on the Highways with impunity. The Indus Highway has not been maintained by the Americans.  The pitful Kerry-Lugar Bill does not address the payment for the air-bases or the use of the Pakistani roads. The obsequious government in Islamabad does not charge the trucks Octroi. Each truck should be paying five thousand Dollars at the Octroi posts–the make the trip free. To top this, the NATO truck expect Pakistan to provide them protection.

Every US narrative or article on Pakistan is always steeped in the crass reminders about the puny $7.5 billion in aid that is given to Pakistan. While Pakistan loses $20 billion per year in commerce and trade, the US keeps Pakistani Textiles out of its markets with very high tariffs and import duties.

The roads were badly damaged by the NLC trucks. “Baqee jo backha that kalay chore lay gayee”. The floods further damaged the infrastructure. The US has not paid anythig for the reconstruction of the roads. Amid tall claims on flood relief–it has simply re-appropriated the KLB funds for under a different decal–”Flood Relief”. Turkey,China, Saudi Arabia, and the Europeans have not played these accounting tricks–they have provided real flood relief funds.

The Chinese are now rebuilding the Pakistani road infrastructure that has been destroyed by the Americans.

  • “The document regarding PC-1 for damaged road construction made byNational Highway Authority (NHA) in collaboration with NESPAK have been moved to Planning commission,” sources said.
  • “Pakistan has also forwarded Rs 27.5 billion project component (PC-1) for construction of roads to China a couple of weeks before,” sources said.
  • Chinese concerned officials from investment and infrastructure sectors have already paid visits to different flood-hit areas.

ISLAMABAD – Apart from other major announcements, Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao is most likely to announce fund, for construction of road infrastructure damaged due to recent flash floods, in his upcoming visit scheduled for the next week.

“Wen Jiabao may also announce financial support for damaged road infrastructure worth billions in his visit,” official sources informed The Nation.

Apart from other announcements to support Pakistan while addressing joint session, sources said, a formal signing ceremony is also expected to support country’s damaged road infrastructure.

Both the countries are already in negotiation about making plausible strategy for road network badly damaged during recent flash floods. “Pakistan has also forwarded Rs 27.5 billion project component (PC-1) for construction of roads to China a couple of weeks before,” sources said.

Chinese concerned officials from investment and infrastructure sectors have already paid visits to different flood-hit areas. “Chinese concerned officials are in contact with Pakistan’s NHA officials for last some months to making estimate of damages,” sources said.
It would not be out of place to mention here that NHA has also sent a project component (PC-1) worth Rs 27.5 billion to planning commission, which is currently under observation by the concerned quarters.

“The document regarding PC-1 for damaged road construction made by National Highway Authority (NHA) in collaboration with NESPAK have been moved to Planning commission,” sources said.

According to the document, construction of 45 road projects and seven bridges are in the planning and the cost anticipated is Rs 18.37 billion. The construction and rehabilitation, designing, consultancy and other component are being estimated worth Rs 27.5 billion, according to the prepared PC-1.

It is pertinent to mention here that National Highway Authority (NHA) has been waiting to consume it for reconstruction but the department concerned is yet to release finance for repairing the destroyed road infrastructure. While, it has also been assumed that further delay may prove to be damaging for roads.

When contacted, NHA chairman Ch Altaf also confirmed that finalised PC-1 has been moved to concerned quarters for approval. Besides these damaged roads, sources maintained, NHA was also running short of money regarding completion of important projects in Balochistan and Sindh including KKH, Lowari Tunnel, M-8 (Gwadar-Turbat-Hoshab, (N-25) Widening of Kalat-Quetta-Chaman, Kalat-Quetta (60 km), Quetta-Chaman (57 Km), Lakpass Tunnel (180M), Ormara-Pasni section and other projects.

It is not out of place to mention here that the torrential rains washed away 639-km roads, 46 bridges, 333-km roads and 38 bridges. The damage assessment of roads and bridges in Sindh was reportedly Rs 3.46 billion while Rs 4.64 billion were needed for reconstruction.
According to the damage assessment made available to TheNation, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), around 325-km of roads and 20 bridges were damaged. In Punjab, 88-km of roads and seven bridges were damaged, while in Sindh, 139-km of roads and two bridges were affected.

In Balochistan, 20-km roads and one bridge were damaged and 150-km of roads and 10 bridges were damaged in Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir.

At Singum (at 220-km) the temporary bridge had also been washed away. Ahead of it the road is closed for traffic (at 221-223 km) and traffic is being re-routed through Batuka Nala, a provincial road of Northern areas.

Similarly, Kotri-Kashmore Road (N-55) submerged under 8-10 ft water (at 400-431 km) due to breach in Thori dam. Sukkar-Jacobabad Road (N-65) was also under water at a portion of 06 kms (at 46-47km and at 61-64km).

Indus Highway Traffic was suspended at DG Khan side where a bridge damaged on Kashmor-Ramak Section and the restoration work is badly hampered due to fresh wave of flood. Nation. Wen to announce fund for damaged road infrastructure By: Javaid-ur-rahman | Published: December 11, 2010

Rebuilding the road infrastructure will work towards the national cohesion and intra-Pakistan trade. It will also help integrate the Pakistani economy with China and Central Asia. New railway lines will hook up Gwader to Dushambe, Urumqui, Kashgar, Fergana and pay tribute to the mighty Mughals who came down from Samarqand and Bokhara to rule South Asia for half a century. At the time they controlled 90% of the trade of the world. A robust rail system will allow Pakistani goods to reach Istanbul and beyond.

The reconstruction of the roads will be a major testament to the ongoing and robust relationship between China and Pakistan. The roads will remain long after the Americans leave Afghanistan–the damage that they have done to the Pakistani infrastructure will be remembered long after they leave.



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