VIDEO:Pakistan Air Force Academy

November 10, 2010

Pakistan Air Force Academy, located in the remote town Risalpur of Nowshera District in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, is the premier cadet training institution of the Pakistan Air Force. Its role is the training of General Duty Pilots (GDP), Aeronautical and Avionics Engineers and the initial training of other Ground Branch cadets.

Cadets of all the branches join the Academy following a recommendation by the Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB) of Pakistan. The Academy was created in 1910 and was a former aerodrome/airfiled of the Royal Flying Corps then later Royal Air Force. It officially became the airbase of the PAF on 15 August 1947. On 21 January 1967, it was again upgraded to the status of an academy by then-President Ayub Khan. Currently, it consists of 5 different components. At the heart of the PAF since its inception, the Pakistan Air Force Academy has bred generations of officers for the PAF and other branches of the Pakistani Armed Forces. The Academy now has impressive premises with state of the art infrastructure portraying the progress from the modest beginning initiated by a handful of dedicated men in 1947. During the First World War, the Royal Flying Corps established a base at Risalpur.

By 1940, Risalpur had become both a training and an operational base. During the Second World War, Risalpur became the main fighter conversion base. The airbase was formally established after the creation of Pakistan on 15 August 1947 with 20 officers, 21 trainees, 23 senior non commissioned officers (SNCOs) and 257 airmen. The base comprised only a handful of men and some equipment. One month later, the Flying Training School was established at Risalpur. Wing Commander Asghar Khan, later to become the first Air Chief of the PAF, took over as the first Officer Commanding of the School, with Harvard and Tiger Moth aircraft in the inventory. Flt Lt M Khyber Khan, who later rose to the rank of Air Vice Marshal, and his student, Flight Cadet Akhtar, flew the first training sortie on 22 September 1947.

On 13 April 1948, the founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, visited Risalpur Flying Training School and raised its level to that of a college. Risalpur thus became the genesis of PAF pilots. It became the only Military Academy of Pakistan to be visited by Jinnah. At this ceremony, Jinnah took the General Salute at the parade. Fighter aircraft from Peshawar Air base also performed aerobatics at the event. On January 21, 1967 President Ayub Khan elevated the status of the PAF College, Risalpur to that of an academy. [Courtesy: Express News]




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