Pakistan must get UNSC seat in Non-Muslim Club

November 10, 2010

On its won right, Pakistan is the 7th largest country in the world and major factor in Asia. Islamabad has earned the right to represent the Muslims of the world. It is situated on the confluence of South Asia, the Middle East and Central Asia. It has a seven thousand years old civilization (Mehargarh, Indus Valley, Gandhara, and Islamic).

Why should the UNSC remain a Non-Muslim Club?

Is it written in the Bible that the United Nations should be run by Non-Muslims?

ISLAMABAD – President Asif Zardari and army chief Gen. Ashfaq Pervez Kayani met here on Monday evening and reportedly discussed the implications of US President Barack Obama’s India visist and his various statements during the trip that have direct bearing on this country.

Officials have said that Pakistan is not surprised at US President Barack Obama’s public support for India’s inclusion as a permanent member in the UN Security Council, but say such support adds to the complexity of the process of reforms of the council and contradicts the fundamental principles of the UN Charter.

Sources in the Presidency said Pakistan was forewarned by the United States, before Obama reached India. At the Foreign Office, senior officials deliberated and presented a summary to the Presidency that was focal point in the discussion between Zardari and Gen. Kayani.

Foreign Office spokesman Abdul Basit in a statement said Pakistan hopes that the United States, which contributed immensely to the founding of the UN system and, in particular, its charter principles, “will take a moral view and not base itself on any temporary expediency or exigencies of power politics”.

The spokesman pointed out the fact that while expressing support for a permanent seat for India, the US had acknowledged that UN Security Council reforms was a difficult process and would take significant time.

He said while India’s aspirations for recognition as a global power notwithstanding, there were reasons enough to discredit this proposed direction of the process of UNSC reforms such as India’s conduct in relations with its neighbours and its continued flagrant violations of the Security Council resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir.

He said Pakistan believes that US endorsement of India’s bid for its permanent seat in the Security Council would add to complexity of the process of reforms of the Council. mafzalkhan@yahoo.com

ISLAMABAD, Nov 9: Shocked by the US support for India’s bid for a permanent seat in the United Nations’ Security Council (UNSC), Pakistan has conveyed its disappointment to the American ambassador here and told him the move could have serious repercussions for the conflict-ridden region and reform of the world body.

Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir, diplomatic sources said, curtly told Ambassador Cameron Munter that while endorsing India as a permanent Security Council member the US appeared to have acted out of expediency of power politics, completely forgetful of Delhi’s conduct in relations with its neighbours, disputes that engulfed the region and its flagrant violations of UNSC resolutions on Kashmir and human rights in occupied Kashmir.

Pakistan’s military establishment, arguably the real force behind the country’s foreign policy, will also get an opportunity to convey its sentiments during meetings with US Commander in Afghanistan Gen David Petraeus, who is expected to arrive here on Friday.

With President Obama having supported the Indian candidature, eyes in Islamabad are now focussed on China, the only Security Council member which is yet to announce its support for New Delhi’s move for a bigger role in the world body.

The other three permanent members — Russia, Britain and France — have already declared their support for India.

But, soon after President Obama’s announcement, China indicated its readiness to hold consultations with India on the issue, even though the offer was punctuated with a desire for a “democratic and patient” process.

Meanwhile, the Uniting for Consensus, a grouping of countries which are opposed to any expansion in the UN council’s permanent membership, meanwhile, has expressed concern at the US support for India’s bid.

But despite the protestations, the prevailing sense in Islamabad is that the US announcement is merely symbolic, given the complexity of the issue.

Talks in New York over UNSC reform and expansion are stalled. Besides, the expansion process is protracted and complicated.

Senior Pakistani diplomats, however, emphasised that symbolism mattered a lot when it came to India and Pakistan.

The diplomats took heart from Mr Obama’s phraseology, which they believe did not explicitly endorse India’s candidature. President Obama said: “US welcomes India as it prepares to take its seat at the UN Security Council. I look forward to a reformed UN Security Council that includes India as a permanent member.”

One diplomat said: “The words have been carefully phrased and shouldn’t be read as a statement of support. There isn’t much effort in that direction.”

An interesting explanation on offer at the Foreign Office was that the economic aspect of Mr Obama’s visit was very clear, but it definitely “lacked the big bang”.

“He probably wanted to create some highlight of his visit to India to overshadow President Bush’s trip to New Delhi in 2005 in which the latter had announced a civilian nuclear deal. Supporting India’s desire for a permanent UNSC seat was something which could go very well with the people of India, but at the same time did not cost Washington anything. Hence the announcement.”

Pakistan, diplomatic sources said, had been earlier assured by the White House that President Obama would not endorse the Indian candidacy.

In an interview before embarking on the visit, President Obama himself had termed the Indian membership issue “difficult and complicated.”

Masood Haider adds from New York: Diplomats at the UN observed that India’s quest for a seat was likely to face opposition from China, a permanent member of the council, and from nations and advocacy groups who say India’s conduct in the disputed Kashmir region and elsewhere consistently violates key UN resolutions.

The Uniting for Consensus involved in discussions on the expansion of the Security Council opposes new permanent members. It has expressed “serious concern” over the United States’ endorsement of the Indian bid for a permanent seat in the Security Council and says that it will complicate the reform process.

The UFC group, led by Italy and Pakistan, opposes induction of new permanent members and strongly advocates expansion in the non-permanent category.

Progress is stalled in the ongoing inter-governmental negotiations taking place in the General Assembly that are aimed at reforming and expanding the Security Council to make it more effective, accountable and representative.

The negotiations to reform the Security Council are focused on five key areas – the categories of membership, the question of veto, regional representation, size of an enlarged Security Council, and working methods of the council and its relationship with the General Assembly.

Despite a general agreement on enlarging the council as part of the UN reform process, member states remain sharply divided over details.

President Obama has given a qualified support to Bharat for the UNSC seat. What about Pakistan? As the 2nd largest Muslim state and a Nuclear Power Pakistan should get the UNSC seat. Without going into the merits of the Bharati case, Pakistan must demand a seat on the table. Why should 1.3 Billion Muslim not be represented at the UNSC.



  1. What has Pakistan to offer to the world except middle age barbarism and Islamic terrorism ……? Pakistan’s right place is in the company of the Haqqanis, Hekmatyar, Gul Bhadar, Mullah Nazir and Mullah Omar, not in the UNSC.

    Keep up with your living in the state of denial for another decade or two, and your coffin will be sealed for ever……… !

  2. @neel123…Right prediction of your own(India) fate in a decade..Because India is itself is in the process of whithering while Indian Mafia are purging all your Indian rupees and Us dollars to disintegrate Pakistan. The wrath of the nature is slowly engulfing India. Because Indians are getting to be more gays that why Indian girls like Pakistani Mens…And shame on you while you talk about Pakistan to be declared as terrorist state..Obama your Sugar daddy very vocally said that Pakistan is a country with enormous Potential…he never have such a word for India..while he was just praising India in formal words..

    And you are talking about UNSC…Pakistan will construct its own UNSC in United states of Islam. Inshallah.
    Pakistan Paindabad. Pakistan is a Passion and Junnon.

  3. miya moin,

    why should pakistn get un seat, and not iran ?

    iran is more stable, and has more resources, and it does not export terror as pakistn does,

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