PRC striving to bring Stranded Pakistanis home

November 6, 2010

JEDDAH: The Pakistan Repatriation Council (PRC) has launched the second issue of its “Hisaar” magazine, published in Arabic, Urdu and English, at a meeting held on Wednesday night.

World Muslim Congress President Abdullah Omar Naseef in his keynote address lauded the efforts of PRC and its publication in highlighting the issue of Pakistanis stranded in Bangladeshi camps for about four decades, and called for the reactivation of Rabita Trust, which was discontinued in 1993, to restart the process of their repatriation and rehabilitation.

He suggested that PRC should try to circulate the magazine not only among concerned authorities, but also among intellectuals, journalists, writers and thinkers, and display this on their website as well. This would also help international welfare organizations extend basic help to those stranded.

“We should not be pessimistic and pray for an end to the plight of the stranded Pakistanis,” Naseef added.

Syed Riaz Bukhari, president of Pakistan People’s Community, described the magazine as a great milestone for PRC. He hoped that PRC would make headway in its objective with the support of scholars like Naseef.

Gulab Khan of Urdu Markaz urged the government of Pakistan to take urgent measures for repatriating stranded Pakistanis.

Hisaar editor in chief Naseem Sehar said he had published 14 books of his collection of poems and articles, but in the latest issue of the magazine he worked hard to covey the message of suffering Pakistanis in Bangladeshi camps.

Sehar indicated that Hisaar would be published soon from Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore and Chicago.

Hamid Islam Khan and PRC Convener Ehsanul Haque thanked Naseef for his support and hoped that the Rabita Trust, established in 1988 in cooperation with the late Pakistan President Muhammad Ziaul Haque, would be reactivated.

Haque referred to Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah’s initiative to create an international welfare organization to help those destitute in the world, which could help people like those stranded in Bangladesh.

He also thanked the Muslim World League, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the Islamic Development Bank and International Islamic Relief Organization-Saudi Arabia for their continued support for the cause of the stranded Pakistanis.


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