Turkey establishing a trilateral cooperate platform with China and Pakistan

November 2, 2010

After the Israeli raid on freedom flotilla, which killed 6 Turkish peace activists, relations between Turkey and Israel were tensed. Since then a change in Turkish foreign policy has been observed, and good strategic relations with China is a part of that policy change.

Historically Turkey has not held good relations with China, which was intensified in 2009 after the suppression of Uighurs in the Chinese province of Xinjiang by PLA.

After Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao visited Turkey in October 2010, Turkey-China strategic relations took a new turn and Turkey, despite being a NATO ally, agreed to hold joint military drills with People’s Liberation Army (Air Force).

Turkey is keen in further strengthening its political and strategic ties with China, for which the Turkish foreign minister is visiting China. The Turkish FM started his visit in the province of Xinjiang. During his stay in China, he will meet prominent figures and will address media and students of China.

Turkey is planning a strategic council with China, like it had with Russia, but unlike Russia, it will be a simpler council.

Like China, Turkey is also considering whether it wants to develop good relation with its neighbor countries like Iraq, Syria, and Greece.

The new revived foreign policy of Turkey has three key points: frequent dialogue with its allies including the United States and European countries, increased cooperation with its neighbor countries, and renewing its strategic ties with Brazil, India , Japan, China, Australia, Russia and South Korea.

Turkey plans to establish a trilateral cooperate platform with China and Pakistan and hopes it will result in a peaceful solution to the 2009 Uighurs crisis. China is also aware of the Turkey’s influence in the region and with new friendly ties with Turkey, China can benefit in improving its ties with European countries and especially Muslim countries.

Turkey’s new foreign policy ensures that every matter should be addressed in a peaceful manner and solved by composite dialogue process. Person to person contact should be increased in order to strengthen the relations with neighbor countries.

If Turkey successfully implements the new foreign policy it could help build peace in the region. Reported by: Soha Middle East Correspondent


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