Why CIA drones never target Baitullah or any other Anti-Pakistan militia

October 29, 2010

Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan [TTP] is a Terrorist Organization

Why CIA drones never target Baitullah or any other Anti-Pakistan militia that is committing terrorism against Islamabad.

The US is not used to hearing an earful in Islamabad. It usually hands over lists to the leaders. When they do not comply, they are threatened with “we will bomb you to the stone ages” (Musharraf), or “we will make a horrible example of you (Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto), or “we will eliminate you if you do not let us bomb Iran(Liaqat Ali Khan) or “how dare you shut down the US base in Badabare (AyubKhan). Some world and Pakistani leaders who tried to go against the grain paid with their lives.

Liaqat Ali Khan who had negotated a confederatio with King Zahir Shah of Afhanistan, and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who had pledged himself to making a nuclear bomb were to iconic figures and were actually assassinated. Ayub Khan and Pervez Musharraf had to leave office when they tried to go against their masters. THE PAKISTANI RESILIENCE IN THE FACE OF THREATS: Mountbatten, Nehru, Mohandas Gandhi, Indira, Kruschev, Johnson, Carter, Kissinger, Nixon, Gorbachev, Clinton, Armitage, Bush, Karzai, Vajpayee, Singh have all threatened Pakistan: The Pakistanis are used to it…so what else is new?!! Pakistan’s Nuclear Program should be seen in the backdrop of these threats.


The American were once again reminded of India’s designs in Afghanistan.INDIRA GANDHI to HENRY KISSINGER: “The Northwest Frontier Province belongs to India and the only way to get there is through the Punjab”. .The American message to work with India agasint China was once agine rebutted. The idea of becoming subservient to India is abhorrent and that of cooperation withIndia, withthe object of promoting tension with China, equally repugnant.” Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto


According to Tariq Ali, the current President of Pakistan was coronated because of US largess who wanted a compliant president in Pakistan. General Kiyaniwasthoroughly vetted and he was schmoozed by Washington for about a week recently. With this setup in mind, Mr. Holbrooke, and Admiral Mullen went on an aggressive propoganda campaignto malign the ISI. Somewhere along the way they got lost in their own words and began speaking against the Pakistan Army too. When they arrived in Islamabad, they expected to do some heavey talking. What they got instead were some harsh words. This time around, the civilian and military leadership got together and presented a joint front to the Americans.


The US tried to dilute the PPP government’s joint military-civilian front by investigating alternatives. For the first time, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was summoned to the US Embassy in Islamabad and he went. On previous occasions, he had refused to go the US Embassy and criticized those who did. However this time he acquiesced. Hungry for power, he may have been questioned on his position on the drones and the joint patrolling. It must be recalled that during Kargil, Mr. Sharifran to Washington to surrender at the White House. Where there is smoke there is fire. Something is cooking in the PMLN-US Embassy cauldron and its not nihari. The political scene smells of foul fish. We will soon find out what was fishy, or whether the US was successful in fishing in troubled waters.


This time around, when Admiral Mullen and Mr. Richard Holbrooke landed in Islamabad, a different sort of welcome awaited them. They were reminded of their earlier statements and Pakistan politely reminded them of the Red Lines that had been drawn.


The inability to create a facade of victory in Afghanistan creates an embarrassing situation for the incompetent US Generals who have been painting a rosy picture for the American public. How long can General Patraeus, Admiral Mullen and Richard Holbrooke continue to fool the American people? The answer is obvious, not for very long.


Already the polls have begun to shift. Most American view the economy as the number one problem and Iraq and Afghanistan a distant second. About half of America now favors a withdrawal from Afghanistan. Of course there is near consensus on leaving Baghdad.


The CIA faces its toughest test yet to prove wrong the suspicions of many within the Pakistani strategic community that some of the terrorism exported from Afghan soil into Pakistan has direct or indirect support from Washington.


The immediate test centres on Baitullah Mehsud, the leader of the bandits who present themselves as Pakistani Taliban. The Americans have begun some cosmetic drone attacks on Baitullah’sterritory and there are reports Washington has agreed to launch a joint operation withPakistan against this bandit. The purpose is to assuage Pakistani concerns about the US role. In July last year, Pakistan’s military leadership confronted senior CIA and US military commanders withevidenceshowing Washington indirectly protecting anti-Pakistan terrorists on the ground. This newspaper broke that story on Aug. 5, 2008, with a front- page headline, “US told not to back terrorism against Pakistan.”


Mehsud is a good example. This bandit and his former leader and associate, Abdullah Mehsud, pioneered the attacks on Chinese interests in Pakistan, which was the first thing Abdullah did after being released from Gitmo in 2003. Interestingly, he was not handed back to Pakistan despite being a Pakistani citizen, but was released to Afghanistan where he went back into the custody of the US military and the Karzai government. Abdullah was killed when Pakistani security forces caught him sneaking back into Balochistan from Afghanistan, where he most probably was meeting his handlers. How he financed, armed and sustained a 25,000-strong militia remains beyond explanation. This militia continues to have quality arms and generous funding.


Until now CIA drones have never targeted Abdullah or Baitullah or any other militia that is committed to attacking Pakistan. During the operations in Bajaur, our soldiers were reportedly stunned at one point to see close to 600 well-armed terrorists come in from Afghanistan, fight the Pakistani military and then escape across the border. The CIA never attacks such “terrorists.” There has been a meteoric rise in the number of anti-Pakistan militias and fighters within our tribal belt since 2004, complete withreligiousbrainwashing justifying the killing of Pakistanis as a first priority. This has coincided with the launch of terrorism in Balochistan and northern Pakistan, the area between Gwadar port and the Chinese border. The CIA’s footprints, Thursday, April 09, 2009, Ahmed Quraishi. The writer works for Geo TV. Email: aq@ahmedquraishil.com


Pakistan helped the US as a friend, not as a paymaster. No amount of money is enough for lost Pakistani lives. It is insensitive to place a Dollar value on the heads of 4000 Pakistani soldiers who lost their lives fighting the terrorists. It is crass to place a monetary value on the hundreds of Pakistani civilians who died because Pakistan has been supporting the American war in Afghanistan. Neither the government, nor the people nor the president of Pakistan are indentured servants of anyone. Pakistan was helping the US as a friend and an ally.


In order to punish the real or imaginary Pakistani tolerance for “Afghan Taliban” – the real Taliban, I must add – someone who wields power in Afghanistan decided to make Pakistan pay by grooming their own Islamic fighters who’d solely focus on fighting Pakistan (as compared to the Afghan Taliban who focus on fighting the Americans insideAfghanistan) – professional killers trained in the art of recruiting and organising death squads, Islam-focused propaganda experts fluent in Pashto, Uzbek, Arabic and, possibly, Chechen, and develop conduits for money and arms supplies from Afghanistan into Pakistan.


The US uses India to ratchet up the heat on Pakistan whenever there is a hiccup in the relationship. These days the Indian climbdown coincides with renewed signs that Pakistan’s political and military leaderships are cooperating with Washington.


In 2002, the Americans were allowed to establish bases in BalochistanandCIA was given the right to recruit Pakistanis in the tribal belt. These two areas of Pakistan are now the most disturbed parts of our country. And now our territory is being used to attack the interests of Iran and China. Washington is creating conditions across our western belt that would make it impossible for China to pursue trade and energy corridors through Pakistan.


Hopefully, Mr Richard Holbrooke heard in Islamabad that we don’t accept American diktat over Afghanistan where we have our own interests to watch like everyone else. The CIA’s footprints, Thursday, April 09, 2009, Ahmed Quraishi. The writer works for Geo TV. Email: aq@ahmedquraishil.com


The PMLQ, the PMLN, the JI and Senator Mushahid Hussain etc. as well as the National Assembly of Pakistan have passed a resolution asking to halt the Drones and stop the fighting. “They” can ignore it at their own risk.


They thought that General Kiyani was a softy who would roll over and play dead. When he clearly informed the US of the red lines, Richard Hobrooke and Armiral Mullen began their rhetoric against the Pakistani Army and the Pakistani ISI. Prime Minister Gilani and even Ambassador Haqqanidefended both institutions (even though Haqqani had derided the army for more than two decades).


To convince Pakistan, an army of sabateurs are on the attack, blowing up schools, buildings, and offices in Pakistani cities. These are the operations that Vice President Biden would not talk about.


Pakistan faced similar issues during the First Afghan war when Russian agents would blow up civilians in Pakistan as reprisal for the American-Pakistan’s war against the USSR. It was the KGB-Khad-RAW then. The same players are at it again. The problems faced by Pakistan are the making of RAW (Indian intelligence services) and their cohorts in Afghanistan. When the US planted an anti-Pakistan government in Kabul, Mr. Karzai (the mayor of Kabul) threatened Pakistan to cover his incompetence and inept narco-warlord government.


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