US unable or unwilling to have a coherent S. Asia policy: Indophile Stephen Cohen

October 28, 2010


Stephen Cohen is one of the most virulent Anti-Pakistan Islamphobe that works for India Inc. He sees a Pakistani behind every conspiracy and blames everything on Pakistan.

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Pakistan and India may both be anxious about the US stand on Kashmir , particularly when the K-issue is on the boil again, but foreign policy expert Stephen Cohen of the Brookings Institution, Washington DC feels the US in fact has no regional policy on Kashmir.

“The US has no regional policy on Afghanistan or Kashmir”, Cohen said here, pointing out that it was a matter to be solved by India and Pakistan, with the US having its own friendly links with either country.

Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C.Image via Wikipedia

The US, he said, was concerned about two serious threats, namely the Taliban in Afghanistan and the Al Qaeda in Pakistan, and pointed out that had Pakistan not had nuclear capability, the matter would not have acquired such a dimension of importance.

Speaking here ahead of US president Barack Obama’s visit to the country, Cohen said India had some decades ago enjoyed the bipolarity of those days, “benefiting from Soviet weapons and US aid”, and playing one against the other from time to time. He said India took on a bolder stand in the 1990s by showing nuclear defiance at a time when the big powers were pushing for non-proliferation.

Explaining the warmth of relationship that Pakistan enjoyed with the US, Cohen said that on a larger perspective Pakistan being a moderate Islamic state lend itself to being an ally of the West, while India has been seen as an ally to the East as a balancer of a rising China. Taking a critical view of the US policy for the region, Cohen said the US was “unable or unwilling to have a coherent South Asia policy”.

In the backdrop of president Obama’s visit, Cohen said there were many serious issues on which the two countries could collaborate, and that the US would be seeking to know whether India would be a global partner on issues like environment, terrorism and nuclear proliferation.

Cohen, who has co-authored Arming without Aiming: India Modernizes its Military, said any weakening of the Pak state could pose strategic problems for the US, and that in some ways China was not seen as an inevitable threat, but also as a potential.

The enlarged presence of Indians in the US and the increasing amount of bilateral business engagements between the two countries would make the relations between the two countries more vibrant, he said.ANI.

Mr. Cohen’s Pakistanphobia is well known in all quarters. It seems like every few weeks Mr. Cohen (in the employment of the Indian Lobby) comes out with a new book or writing regurgitating the “same old wine in new bottle”. No matter how many times Mr. Cohen (with new acolytes) repeats the same old nonsense, it does not make it true.

Indian Generals and Commanders have been punctiliously, meticulously and diligently planning for an exercise in futility– the so called “Cold Start Strategy“. Stephen Cohen and others have been coaching the Indians on how to use the threat of a Cold Start Strategy to threaten and intimidate the Pakistanis into kowtowing to the Indian diktat. It has not worked and it will not work. Pakistan’s War College has scrupulously and diligently run all the permutations of possible combinations in an India Pakistan conflict. Every conceivable action by India has been preempted and planned for.


One comment

  1. Stephen P Cohen was never an Indophile, never will be.

    He has, throughout his career, promoted Pakistan’s cause, undermined India, and still doing that in a subtle way.

    He has a Pakistani wife, not for no reason ….. !

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