PM Gilani attempts to pull wool over the eyes

October 23, 2010


One U-2 flight over the USSR almost brought the world to the brink of Nuclear Armageddon. Pakistan is a Nuclear power. Why can’t it stop the daily killings of its people which results in severe repercussions to the Pakistani population in terms of suicide bombings.

If President Musharraf had approved the drones, why can’t PM Gilani stop them. It is amazing that the Prime Minister is unaware of the happening at the Shamsi Air Force base. The satellite pictures of the drones on the base are plastered all over the internet.

Prime Minister Gilani has made the preposterous and comical statement that President Musharraf had allowed the drone bombings “for surveillance and reconnaissance flights”. The statement is humorous because less than a dozen drone attacks occurred during his decade long rule. More than 200 strikes have occurred under the watch of the elected Prime Minister of Pakistan.

If the US is over-stepping its mandate, then why can’t Islamabad stop the lethal strikes and get them back within the limits of reconnaissance.

There are constant reports in the US media that the drone attacks happen with the connivance and the complicity of the present government. In fact a couple of US Senators have complained about the PPPPs suplicity in this matter.

The AFP reports that “Musharraf approved US drones: Pakistan PM”

ISLAMABAD — Pakistan’s prime minister revealed on Friday for the first time that former military ruler Pervez Musharraf gave approval for US drones to make surveillance flights over the country.

“The previous government gave them permission for surveillance and reconnaissance flights by US drone aircraft but not to launch missile attacks,” Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani told diplomatic correspondents.

He denied that US drones were taking off from a military base in southern province Sindh but said “we will find out” when asked about reports that drones use Shamsi base in southwestern province Baluchistan. (AFP) –


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