Defense Failures of India

October 19, 2010

Indian Empty Floating Hull Rust bucket & Flying Coffins

It was all over the news in July 2009. Bharat (aka India) claimed that she had endogenously designed a Nuclear Submarine. As usual the triumphant Bharati news media was effusive in its compliments about the prowess of BharatiEngineering. The news was followed up with extensive interviews by anyone who could talk. The theme was what it has always been, Bharat joins another exclusive club. Dr Anil Kakodkar, the Indian scientist told the reporter to listen to the reactor on board–knowing fully well that there was no reactor on the ship. When repeatedly cornered by the Indian journalist, he repeatedly lied about the submarine. He  referred to the engine noise and told the reported how quiet the sub was.

Dr Anil Kakodkar did refute the nonsense about the floating hull being indigenous. He “admitted” that there were Russian consultants and they helped with the reactor. However most of the news reports about the Arihant turned out to be  total nonsense, as the news reports about the Sub show.

If it were just the Arihant, this article would be really short. Let us look at the entire magazine of failures and corruption in the Bharati military industrial complex.

Indian “Nuclear Sub” not “Nuclear”: Sailing empty hull without reactor . This is a story of pretensions, hubris, arrogance, incompetence and inefficiency. We put together a potpourri of stories about the Bharati military establishment. Rust bucket Arihant: Delhi’s clunky, noisy Soviet era Charlie class tub assembled from Russian submarine kit. The trail of tears says about the country that cannot produce its own rifle but pretends to be “power”. Well it seems that its going to cost a nickle, and it seems the nicke is not being spent wisely.


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