Russia refuses route for NATO supplies

October 13, 2010

ISLAMABAD – Russia has formally conveyed to NATO that it would not allow its soil to be used for transporting NATO military supplies to Afghanistan while it (Russia) can only allow transportation of the non-military consignments across the border.

Credible diplomatic sources confided to TheNation that after unknown miscreants had torched more than three dozens NATO oil tankers in Quetta last Thursday, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation had formally contacted the Russian Government to discuss the option of using Russian land as transit route for the transportation of NATO cargoes to Afghanistan.
Russia has reportedly conveyed to NATO that it would only allow the transportation of non-military items like food, medicines, tents and other related usable commodities and that there was not even a slightest possibility for the NATO to transport military consignments to Afghanistan via Russia.
Sources believe that Russia’s adamant stance towards NATO military cargo is embedded with mistrust that thoroughly evolves around Russia-NATO relationship.
Russia has had been accusing NATO of uncalled for interference in Eastern Europe since long. NATO’s presumed military aid to Georgia, Ukraine and Estonia is strongly opposed by Russia. The Organisation is reportedly instrumental in flaring up Russia over territory row with Georgia as the Western military alliance backs Georgia over its claim on South Ossetia, a disputed territory between Georgia and Russia. Back in 2008, Russian forces had bombarded Georgian cities Tbilisi and Gori and South Ossetian capital Tskhinvali, over the same dispute.



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  1. Nato should pack bags and go home and Pakistan should re-negotiate all terms with conditions!!!! No more drone attacks..we had enough!

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