11 years later…

October 13, 2010

To mark the date of Pakistan’s latest military coup and give the self-exiled dictator a warm welcome, Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) has issued a 16 point ‘charge sheet’ against Pervez Musharraf.

PML (N) has alleged the former dictator of ‘serious’ crimes including violation of constitution, imposition of martial law, murder of Nawab Akbar Bugti, Lal Masjid drama, using National Accountability Bureau for victimizing political opponents, abduction of Pakistanis for other countries, 12th May and taking part in elections in army uniform. PML (N) has demanded the Government to take action against Pervez Musharraf and bring him back with the help of Interpol.

Many allegations have also been leveled by former President Pervez Musharraf on PML (N)’s chief Nawaz Sharif, including mishandling of Kargil issue. Some very harsh statements were also given the former President, deliberately or impulsively, against Nawaz Sharif at the first political gathering of All Pakistan Muslim League in Birmingham.

Without arguing who is right and who is wrong, the fact remains there that the ‘useless’ and ‘unproductive’ tug of war between the power centers and circles of influence in Pakistan is leading the country to total disaster. Over a period of time, a mindset of strong egos, hypocrisy, leg pulling and negativity has established in Pakistan, due to which positive and constructive elements are finding it impossible to make their way. This mindset enables our so-called ‘leaders’ to present only the worst to the society. It has created a vicious circle of frustration for all of us.

11 years after the military coup, the national and political leaders still lack a common vision for Pakistan. The energies of the entire Pakistani nation are being wasted and our enemies are getting a chance to play around. Its time now that some hard work should be done to establish a common shared vision for Pakistan.

The writer is the editor of awamimarkaz.com and works for Aaj TV


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