US huge military base vacated in Kunar province

October 12, 2010

Zabihullah Mujahid

There are reports from Kunar province that the US invading forces vacated a huge military base located in the most important strategic location in the province’s Marawori district last night.

According to the details, the enemy invaders’ huge base with strategic importance has been under constant siege and attacks by Mujahideen for about a year that have closed in on the enemy base from every directions forcing the enemy to flee from the base by helicopters.
Over the period of a year, all the logistical supplies, arms and other supplies have been transported to this base by air.
Mujahideen have gained complete control of the US invaders’ base located in border area of this district known as Ghashi Kandow, which has 12 ten-room check posts, 47 security posts, 1 six-room kitchen, a mini airfield and a large workshop.
It is worth saying that a couple of days ago Mujahideen shot down one of the helicopter of the very base killing or wounding several US cowardly soldiers the details of which were concealed and left unreported by the mainstream media , whereas the wreckage of the said helicopter exists in the base inside the base.
Meantime, Mujahideen captured a number of logistical trucks, motorcycles, rocket launchers, spy radars, generators and a lager amount of food supplies. (Taliban website)


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