THE FORTRESS – Defending Pakistan’s Ideological Boundaries

October 9, 2010


Fortress is one of Pakistan’s premier Ideological, defense and geo-strategic policy journal. Printed out of Karachi, its distribution will focus around the corridors of power within the federal and provincial governments, bureaucracy, diplomacy, the armed forces, media and the academia.

Fortress is the voice of Pakistani masses,patriots and professionals, here and abroad, who increasingly want a greater say in the governance of the country, both in domestic plains as we as the international arena. It shall be a collective effort of the patriots and technocrats of Pakistan to steer the nation into the pathways of prosperity and march into a more promising and dignified future with hand in hands and heads held high.

It aims to present the true perspective of events as they unfold, realities as they are, facts as they are unearthed.

Fortress is an affirmation to our belief of joining hearts and minds of communities, creating common grounds to understand viewpoints, and envision the readers in order to enhance their beliefs and character which will eventually evolve us into a stronger nation, Glorified Ummah. Inshallah

82-a block2,pechs karachi

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