Masarrat Alam Butt Pro-Pakistani Kashmiri leader calls for ‘Azadi’

October 7, 2010

SRINAGAR (Indian Occupied Kashmir): In occupied Kashmir, Hurriyet leader and the Vice Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Muslim League Masarrat Alam Butt has said that India wants to crush the Kashmiris’ ongoing through illegal arrests of Hurriyet leaders and use of brute force, reports KMS.

Masarrat Aalam Butt, while addressing a party meeting held in Srinagar, said that the recent surge in the movement had frustrated the occupation authorities and they were targeting the innocent people of the territory to break their resolve.

The Hurriyet leader said that New Delhi had started war against the people of Jammu and Kashmir but the morale of Kashmiris was very high and they were determined to continue their liberation struggle despite the cruelties and barbarism by the Indian police and troops.

Masarat Alam Butt also denounced the arrest of brother-in-law of Hurriyet leader, Feroz Ahmad Khan and others.


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  1. coool!!! i never think of that!! if you

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