Will India create a False Flag during Delhi Games?

October 4, 2010

A false flag will help cover up the incompetence of the Delhi Games and use the venue to create sympathy for Bharat. The Delhi Games are being used to point fingers at Pakistan so that Delhi can achieve its nefarious objectives.

India implicates Pakistan days before the Common Wealth Games begin – back up plan blame Pakistan for it’s own failings or is this yet another opportunity to disgrace Pakistan?.

I was waiting how a blame Pakistan if anything goes wrong with Indian Common Wealth Games would surface. It appears that a supposed “dead” militant affiliated to a Brigade 313 has been intercepted. It is said he will be specifically targeting the Common Wealth Games and is an agent provocateur of the State of Pakistan to destabilise India.

Incidentally how convenient his name, Ilyas “Kashmiri” is this also a ploy to divert attention away from Indian atrocities inside Kashmir. India should desist from pulling of theatrical poor false flag operations and the Mumbai attack should have been enough. Then again, I thought the Indian parliament attack should have been enough but India sadly never learns. So once again we “may” witness a South Indian Ethnic looking gun man speaking in Marathi with saffron wrist bands walking amicable through Delhi suburbs and being caught on Camera as if it were a Bollywood movie, casually strolling across yet another major Indian city running amok.

The interesting point is linking this to Pakistan so early on trying to capitalise on a recent rift in relationship between America and Pakistan over NATO escalation inside Pakistan leading to the closure of NATO supply lines. As ever we can rely on India to add India to be quick to “Blame Pakistan” first.

Tensions inside India are already high because of Indian atrocities inside Kashmir where unarmed, innocent Kashmiri protesters calling for freedom are being shot at, killed and injured by Indian Security forces. Then there is the slap in the face of Indian Secularist Democracy judiciary hearing on the Ayodah 500 year old Babri Masjid (mosque) to be split with 2 portions going to Hindus and 1 portion going to Muslims because Hindu radicals are purporting that this ancient beautiful Masjid belongs to a mythical, non existent Lord Ram.

India has 40% of its territory under Maoist / Naxal control who represent the real Indigenous Hindus fed up of marginalisation and indiscrimination at the hands of New Delhi’s upper caste Hindus. They seek liberation from India and are seeking to recreate their own Dalit Land separate from New Delhi. The Maoists also have support in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pardesh and Himanchal Pardesh. I need unaware readers to be aware that out of 28 states that make up the Indian federation 21 are engaged in a violent struggle against New Delhi seeking and liberation.

There are a host of parties who would like to internationalise Indian atrocities within India. Such groups would lay bare the facade of a secular and democratic India.

Therefore rather than India get caught with it’s trousers down showing the world how unstable it is and how fragmented its society is. India has done what it does best – cry wolf yet again through heightening of their terror alert by implicating Pakistan. Therefore capitalising anything that will be a result internal problem inside India as caused by arch rival Pakistan. India will hide its own internal problems from the international community whose eyes are fixated on India and create an opportunity to lay the blame on arch rival Pakistan to further demonise it.

The ordinary unaware gullible person reading into Indian claims will think “oh no” but those who matter i.e. the decision makers in the International Community will know better and I sincerely think this will be the last International even India will host for a long time.

India does not miss any opportunity to implicate Pakistan and here it uses its own internal troubles and the world’s focus on The Common Wealth Games as a reason.

It is this reason why India will only aspire to be a developing nation but never quite reach that status. Ansar Ul Haq


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