Indian logistic support for Israeli ships

September 11, 2010

India is providing vital logistic support to Israeli naval ships which has enabled them to maintain a low key yet effective presence to monitor vital sea lines of communications passing through the strategically important Arabian Sea. According to well placed sources, two Israeli ships, patrolling the Arabian Sea docked at replenishment facilities at Goa, India in third week of Jun and immediately left after stocking up on fuel and rations. According to observers India is actively collaborating with Israel to monitor naval activities in the Region which is not only sensitive to Pakistan but Iran as well. Indian support is vital for Israel since its own naval bases are located faraway and the access to Arabian Sea has to pass through Suez Canal that compromises the secrecy of movement of the Israeli naval units. Israeli presence not only allows them to monitor the naval traffic through the Strait of Hormuz but also enables them to monitor the sea south of the Gawadar Port.



  1. Those who have problems with India providing support to Israel, may screw themselves …. !


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