Floods in Pakistan the Aftermath of Kargil War

September 4, 2010

Mohammad Mansoor Ali Ansari

The nation is drowning and we are standing helplessly on a corner without doing anything. The magnitude of catastrophe is beyond the wildest imagination but the attitude of our leadership is as same as of a Landlord who secures his own castle by diverting the flow flood towards the poor masses. The feudal mentality cannot think about the miseries of poor but they are more concerned about their own castles and own properties.

We are hearing too much about the Water Terrorism of India that is now showing its ugliest image with immense devastation which seems to be not ending in the near future. The devastation is now perpetual and we would see the immense loss of our crops, our agricultural land, our infrastructure including roads and bridges and the list goes on.

It is our bad luck that we have been chosen spineless leaders who could not take appropriate decisions at the right moment. We need to examine the Indian intention from the day we lost the Kargil war due to weakness of our leadership at that time. It was none other than Nawaz Sharif the Lion of Punjab who appeared to be the most innocent figure when Kargil war is discussed. Being the supreme commander of the Army at that time, his statement that he did not know about the Kargil operation was a false that cannot be accepted.

Though highly disputed, the Kargil operation required a complete coordination between the Army and the Civilian Government. That operation was to become a turning point in the resolution of Kashmir dispute with all the cards would have been in the hands of Pakistan. The blockade of the key access to Kashmir, the Kargil valley had immense importance strategically and economically. By holding the position in Kargil and making it strong at that time would have dropped the whole Kashmir valley in our lap, but the weakest leadership at that time gave us a shameful loss for which our coming generations would pay a heavy price may be for their lifetime.

Referring to the Memoirs of Ex. President Pervez Musharraf, During the autumn of 1998, he writes, India began to complain of Pakistani intrusions in the Siachen sector. On investigation, he discovered, these attacks were “make-belief.” As a result,Pakistan’s military became increasingly convinced that India was inventing pretexts to go to war. By the end of the year, according to the General, evidence existed that “India was on the verge of an attack across the Line of Control.” Two Indian brigades, which were normally moved to the Kashmir valley each winter, were held back in Leh. In addition, India’s 70 Infantry Brigade was moved into the Kargil theatre. New bunker-busting equipment also arrived in the area.

Pakistan, in this rendition, responded by enhancing its defensive positions along the Line of Control. Some 100 new section-strength posts, General Musharraf records, were set up on unoccupied heights that winter, in what he extols as “a tactical marvel of military professionalism.” However, he claims, none crossed the watersheds along the Line of Control. By March 1999, as his troops began to reach these positions, the General slowly began to learn of the parallel military task “Pakistani freedom fighters” had undertaken: the occupation of some 800 square kilometres of Jammu and Kashmir. He claims that it was only on May 7, after fighting broke out, that he was given “a comprehensive briefing of their positions.”

What followed was, in his view, “a landmark in the history of the Pakistan army … As few as five units in support of freedom fighter groups were able to compel the Indians to deploy more than four divisions.” Despite India’s numerical superiority and air support, its armed forces were only able to secure gains “which I would call insignificant.”

Despite this overwhelming military success, General Musharraf argues, Prime Minister Sharif crumbled under international pressure and offered a ceasefire. “It remains a mystery to me why he was in such a hurry,” he remarks. Pakistan’s military ruler demolishes Mr. Sharif’s claims that the operation was launched without his knowledge; in fact, he lists specific dates on which briefings were provided to the Prime Minister.

The above facts clearly reveal that Nawaz Sharif had either succumbed to the International pressure or may had signed any lucrative deal with the Super Power to order an unconditional cease fire that later infuriated the Military leadership because the decision risked hundreds of freedom fighters and the Pakistani soldiers who were then trapped in Kargil and were eventually slaughtered by the Indian forces.

Pakistan Army’s agile move at Kargil sparked Indian minds and made them take appropriate steps to safeguard their captured territory from any future assaults. Now strategically, any new assault like Kargil is impossible but the outcome of cowardly decision of the Lion of Punjab Mr. Nawaz Sharif gave India every chance to take revenge from Pakistan by blocking all the key rivers entering our Country. The decision of Building numerous dams on our waters was purposely taken by India to make our country desert or whenever required push the heavy flow of water to create havoc on our lands.

I bet, Indians would be smiling and laughing on our helplessness and must be contended on their achievement that they can win any war against us without firing a single bullet.

When I see the candidates of PPP and PML N winning the bi-elections, I can only say that our nation’s faith is also drained in these floods because it is the saying of our Holy Prophet that a true Muslim cannot be bitten second time by one snake hole.  But it is visible that these Anacondas are eating us again and again but we are ready to become their slaves and their followers besides seeing that they have given us so much miseries and so much pain that cannot be translated into words.

It is also obvious that the magnitude of wealth created by our so called leaders is not possible without selling the pride of our country and making destructive decisions against our national security only for the sake of the wealth of this world. But I want to say that all our so called leaders should read this verse of Holy Quran to understand that what will be their fate on the day of judgment when their wealth and their power will not be able to save them from the anger of Allah!!

With the name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Very-Merciful.

[81:1] When the sun will be folded up, [81:2] and when the stars will swoop down, [81:3] and when the mountains will be set in motion, [81:4] and when the ten-months pregnant she-camels will be abandoned, [81:5] and when the wild beasts will be gathered together, [81:6] and when the seas will be flared up, [81:7] and when the people will be arranged in categories, [81:8] and when the girl-child that was buried alive will be asked, [81:9] for what sin she was killed, [81:10] and when the scrolls (of deeds) will be unrolled, [81:11] and when the sky will be stripped off, [81:12] and when the Hell will be set ablaze, [81:13] and when the Paradise will be brought close, [81:14] then everyone will know what he (or she) has put forward.

Our leaders have put forwards something which they can’t bear on the Day of Judgment. They sold the future of our nation for few million dollars. They created their castles in countries like France, England and Switzerland but made our mud houses drown in the floods they are responsible for. They have their kids living in foreign countries and studying in the most costly schools, colleges and universities there, but they have made the schools of poor people, cattle houses or their Autaq (meeting place). They are wearing the most precious clothing but the poor people of this nation have nothing left to wear now. The leaders of our times deserve hate and condemnation because they only thought about their own profits, their gains and their betterment and thrown the entire nation into an ultimate misery. Our nation does not need any Nawaz Sharif and any Zardari now!! They are tested horses and have always changed their track that took the nation to the deep ditch of hopelessness.

It is my plea to the nation that rise and rise now because the water is now flowing over our heads. These leaders have no right to rule and they have no right to sell our future for their own vested interest. Pakistani nation should reject present leadership and display their anger to throw them out of their offices now.


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  1. The response to the floods and the recent two attacks have highlighted the incompetence of President Zardari’s government in the face of growing challenges. but that attacks also indicate a new challenge, one bigger than any Pakistan has faced so far. can Zardari’s government face up to it?


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